Remote and Hoop Camp

Introducing a one of a kind program, designed to provide Hoopers a place to:

  • attend school remotely
  • continue to ball
  • improve their game
  • socialize!
  • AND receive quality instruction
  • All this, while staying safe!

Don’t let these challenging times keep your Hooper down, let Coach Adam elevate their game on the court, but also inspire them to compete in the classroom!

How does Remote & Hoop work?

During school hours, students will enter the Remote Learning Area and complete schoolwork. During breaks, lunch and before/after school, we train and ball! We maximize these available times to improve our game!

  • up to 60+ minutes* before school for shooting, skills and drills, strength training, repetitions, and more
  • daily grade/assignment check-ins
  • break times featuring a short & specific drill, exercise, or challenge to keep downtime productive
  • 60+ minutes* after school for shooting, skills and drills, strength training, repetitions and more

Two Options Available

  1. FULL WEEK= 5 days
  2. HYBRID= 3 days

Each option offers an AM & PM Session:

AM Session: 7am-11:30am

PM Session: 11:30am-4:00pm

*Times may be adjusted to meet school’s designated breaks. Please contact us to discuss this option*


  1. Full Week Option (5 Days) = $55 per week, per session (AM or PM)
  2. Hybrid Option (3 days) = $45 per week, per session (AM or PM)

Available discounts: AM & PM Session registrants will receive $10 off total, plus family discounts and more, please contact us for more info.


During School Hours=Remote Learning area:

  • Hoopers log into their schools remote learning
  • Hoopers use their OWN (or school provided) laptop or tablet and headphones to complete schoolwork
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff assists with log-in, technical issues, and classwork (we are not a tutoring service)
  • Free, reliable Wi-Fi
  • Masks and physical distancing maintained

Sample School & Training Schedule

(customized to your Hoopers School Schedule)

Let’s give our Hoopers something to get excited for!

Coach Adam created Remote & Hoop because he is dedicated to maximizing our youth athlete’s potential, on the court and off! Our youth deserve this chance to relieve stress, hang with peers and have fun breaking a sweat playing basketball. But Hoopers also need accountability and a PLAN! We will help them do that. Your Hooper will quickly get into shape, hone their fundamentals, and develop successful student habits- DAILY. Think about the opportunities to safely socialize with their teammates, friends and meet new friends, who are all like-minded, share similar goals, and want to keep safe and sharp during these challenging times!

Safety is a top priority to us! Current COVID Precautions:

  • Temperature screenings at the door
  • Frequent Hand Sanitizing & Hand Washing breaks
  • Daily Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Masks required at all times by all staff & athletes

*Sporting Chance Center COVID Notice & Mask Policy, as required by the AZDHS: All persons are required to wear masks when in the facility, including while participating in any on-court activity. This will include all athletes and coaches during their sessions on the courts. We will check the temperature of every person who enters the SCC.

Contactless Registration & Payments

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.”